Christmas Eve.

Last night I stayed up after everyone else had gone to bed to publish the blog. When I had finished and went down to bed, I discovered that Nigel had bolted the door on the inside (to keep the dogs in) and I couldn’t rouse him. After knocking, rattling the door and trying to get the dogs to jump on him I gave up and went back to the sitting room which has bench seats made out of concrete and horsehair cushions and a calor gas heater which I had switched off. So, I switched the heater on again and resigned myself to an uncomfortable night. Meanwhile Richard had woken with the noise so he gave me the spare blanket from their room.
Two hours later I was still awake, cold, stiff and very uncomfortable so I decided to go down and have another try to get in. After more knocking and rattling, Nigel was still comatose but then I decided to try and climb in  through the window, which I managed. He was most apologetic the next morning and had been totally unaware of all this going on!
We had decided that as it was going to be hot again today but cooler tomorrow, we would stay at the riad and relax today and oh boy, it was hot!
Dash on tortoise watch
The staff provided lunch which was chicken tajine and we sunbathed, read and drank water, all astounded to be spending Christmas in such an unusual way.
Nigel and I went for a walk in the afternoon to get a Moroccan dongle and to scope out the restaurant for tonight which Ric had booked yesterday so that we knew how to find it later.
When we got back there was just time to shower and get ready to go to Maison Arabe for our evening meal. We went through a very unassuming doorway in to a very palatial and splendid hotel and were served with a very delicious and filling  3 course meal. 
An example of the decor in the hotel
Back at the riad after a cuppa, we all went to bed…I made sure I was in bed first tonight!!!!

A few more random pics from today…..

Tradition versus 21st Century technology

Spices, soaps and what have you for sale
Street food being cooked
You can buy anything in Marrakech,
even second hand dentures!
I love this pic! Me in the
alleyway near our Riad
Would love to see inside here!