Looks like we made it back home just in time before some horrendous windy and rainy weather swept across Europe. We thought at one point that this little chap wouldn’t be returning with us, he has been very poorly and at nearly 13 was causing us great deal of worry but whatever had ailed him seems to have disappeared and he did his usual zoomies round the garden in great delight when we got home! Phew!!

Almost a week ago we left Meander at a boatyard on the Kwaadmechelen Canal. We delivered her in the wind and rain to where she is having some work done before we return in the camper to move her to her winter quarters in a couple of weeks. From there we are travelling down to Portugal in time to catch what is left of the Sagres Autumn Migration. We heard about this last winter while we were there and decided to try our best to get there in time this year, so we’ve cut our boating season short to enable this to happen.

This means that we are only home for a short time allowing us to catch up with family and friends and deal with other issues that can only be done from home. 

I thought I’d add this brief blog update with a random selection of my phone photos from our wonderful spring and summer in Belgium and France.

First meal on the back deck in May at Blauwe Kei

Little present for Hattie bought
at a craft fair in Brugge

Lille quayside entertainment

Summer in Amiens

Beautiful British registered barge
entering the Somme as we were leaving

Lovely old library building in Noyon 


If you zoom in you will see CAMELS!

Mooring in Brussels, sheltered from the wash
of the big guys by this loooong concrete quai which
when you have dogs is challenging!

Cappucino Belgian style!

Hundreds of glass carrots
dangling inside the
Lommel Glass Museum 

Chair buddies