Just a short post this month as there is not a great deal to report.

No tomato shortages here, my leek and chicken quiche!

As you some of you in the UK will be aware from the shortages of salad goods that we have read about in the press, Southern Spain has had a rather cold spell that has lasted longer than usual, it’s also been very gloomy for much of this month, and although the strong winds have abated it’s been a bit miserable. But I expect it’ll soon be a distant memory so not complaining!

Although we’ve needed the fire and layers on most days it hasn’t been cold every day, early on in the month we had a morning on the beach at Bolnuevo and then lunch in a French restaurant in the Port and on the way from the car park we saw many, many fish in the clear waters of the marina which seemed to be gathering in the pools of sunlight between the boats!

Pretty crowded beach….mind you it was a Saturday
Puerto Mazarron marina, also crowded!!!
Much quieter on a weekday!

We paid a visit to the Naval museum in Cartagena at the beginning of the month, something we have been meaning to do since we came to live here. It was an interesting morning and all the better for there being no cruise liners in the port so it was nice and quiet.

Very intricate rigging on these models, must have needed a very steady hand
Shiny Torpedo!

Our UK friends, Sandra and Martin who spend the winter at Los Olivos Motorhome Park next door, left a few days ago to set off on their return journey home so before they went we invited them for a farewell meal and that was another occasion where it was warm enough (just) to sit outside for drinks before eating. We have heard that they are now in Santander awaiting their ferry but have had a cold journey with overnight temperatures of minus 5.

And yet more socialising took place earlier this week when we went over to Cabo de Palos to meet up with Julie, Rob, Steve and Gill who are currently spending a couple of weeks in their apartment on the La Manga strip. Cabo was about equidistant for us so we met them there for lunch. We confused the waiter by at first bagging an outdoor table but then moving inside as there was rather a cool breeze blowing. It was actually no warmer inside as we were in the draught from front and back doors which were both open. As always it was good to see them and to catch up with their news.

Only just over a week to go until we fly back to the UK to see the family. We have a house sitter arriving on Monday 6th March and we are hopeful that this will go smoothly with no repeat of last years shenanigans when we got stuck in Stockholm for an extra week!

Next weekend our friends Jill and Graham are coming over to visit a dog local to us that needs a new home (not one of ours!) We had asked them if they were able to do our upcoming house sit but unfortunately they had prior commitments that week. Having been without pets for two years now they have decided the time is right again and they are rather keen to get a “Poco alike” but he is, of course, a one off!!! Fingers crossed it all works out for them!

Jill and Poco!
Jill is rather partial to my tartiflette, if I can source some more Reblochon cheese before next weekend I shall make them one!

Whatever the weather there is always plenty to do in the garden. Plenty of pruning and tidying up especially this time of year. We’ve just been reattaching the bamboo screening that last months strong winds had blown down. We also found out to our cost a couple of weeks ago, that roots can be very dangerous, even seemingly innocuous ones like lavender. We had an issue with our water treatment plant just when it was due for its annual service and when the technicians came to sort it out it transpired that one of the nearby lavender bushes had sent out roots which had completely blocked the clean water outlet pipe buried under the ground. So it had to be dug up, the blocked pipe sawn off and replaced and the whole lot has now been swathed in concrete to stop it happening again.

A whole lot of digging going on!
Part of the blocked roots had been removed before we took this picture, it was solid!
Operation “Replace the solar panels on the motorhome” is now complete!
That’s a prettier picture!

Two strange finds in Cartagena this week……

Someone would be very annoyed at losing this!!!
And someone else would be annoyed at losing their umbrella which we found hooked onto a Lidl Trolley
Doggy snuggles, everyone keeping each other warm!

We’re off for a few days in the camper while there’s a break in the weather, it’s promising to be sunny for three whole days! We will make the most of it!

See you next month with a family update. Hasta Luego