Motorhome full of sand!

A sneaky shot of
locals buying their supplies

We enjoyed 6 days at Sidi Ifni, it was a pleasant (ish) though windy campsite, facilities were not particularly clean so we used our own. However it was very convenient for dog walking, being right on the beach and also for shopping for supplies. The walk up to town was via a stone staircase, didn’t count the steps but it wasn’t too onerous and on my first foray I found a pizzeria which we frequented on day 3. Pizza Hut it wasn’t but it satisfied the urge!

Sidi Ifnid souk, biggest
cauliflowers we’ve ever seen!

Being an ex Spanish enclave, we soon found out that the town still operates in Spanish time……a few places were open all day but the majority only came to life in the evening and a very lively place it was then too. We discovered an outlet selling lovely doughnuts, took me right back to childhood holidays on the Isle of Wight and Nigel to his months of working in Aberdeen.

The souk was great, loads and loads of fresh vegetables and fruit, herbs and spices. There was a little concrete square of tiny retail outlets where fresh fish, meat and chickens were sold. I bought some beef and had it minced and two chickens on different days, one of which I took the meat off raw and the other I roasted whole and then froze the cooked meat. 
Difficult to resist the urge to say,
“Shouldn’t you be in school?”

So we had a roast chicken dinner one day, sadly lacking in sausage, crispy bacon and stuffing but very enjoyable none the less.

Oh, this was made possible by us buying and fitting a Moroccan gas cylinder while in Sidi Ifni, one of our two British cylinders became empty so we decided to be safe we should buy another cylinder. Up to now I have been using the gas sparingly, not using the oven but as we now have plenty and will not run out, the cooking can be a little more adventurous, even made a loaf today!
Successful loaf attempt

We did have an afternoon out in the MH from Sidi Ifni, we read about a beach 10k further north that was worth a visit so we set off in the afternoon in the hope of some good sunset pics. Dogs had a very enjoyable time as ever but had a bit of a fight over a stone they both wanted. First time they’ve ever fallen out really, I have to admit it was Belle’s fault! She was relentlessly bullying Dash  who was having a good time digging up his stone and he got fed up and had a go at her. Nigel had to pull them apart, full on teeth gnashing and growling!

Legzira Plage, 10k North of Sidi
Well worth waiting on the beach for sunset!
The weather at Sidi Ifni was not as good as in recent weeks, it even had the temerity to rain the first day we were there! It was a bit cooler too with some clouds and quite windy. With the weather forecast promising more sunshine at the weekend, we set off for a wild campsite at Plage Blanche, another 150k down the coast.

Black top,  just on and on and on!

On the way here, when we turned off the main road towards the coast, the road stretched straight ahead like a long black ribbon as far into the distance as we could see. When Nigel pulled up, I had anticipated what was coming….my turn for a driving lesson! So I drove us the next 30k to the coast and was very pleased with myself. Apart from a few metres in a Scottish campsite, this is the first time I have sat behind the wheel. I was pleased to have an opportunity to drive and was even complimented!

The campsite guidebook says that although there are no facilities here, children bring bread in the morning. I mentioned this to some people who were parked next to us before we left the last place and are on their 12th motorhome trip here. They said the loaves were like cartwheels, hard enough to drive on! We tried one here the first day….our informants were right, hence the home made loaf today!
Hmm, bit of a bad hair day, methinks!

The beach here is quite a walk away approx a kilometre, we are parked at the top of some cliffs/dunes and to reach the sea it is necessary to walk down the dunes, along a riverbank and through the end of a lagoon but oh boy, it was worth it, literally miles and miles of beach in both directions. The dogs had a ball! Coming back they were persuaded to swim in the freshwater lagoon to get the salt off them, well Dash needed no persuasion. Trouble was we then had to walk back up the sand dunes so they were covered in sand again by the time we got back but at least they weren’t salty.

We were going to just have two nights here but as the weather wasn’t brilliant and tomorrow’s forecast was better and also as we still had enough water left, we decided to have a third night. It’s been much warmer today, with just a slight breeze so it’s been a very pleasant sitting outside reading day! Nigel had a brief recce on his bike but was bored so he came back after half an hour, I walked the dogs but avoided the beach today.
We’re up there somewhere…..
Oh yes, there we are, fifth from the right.
This is the lagoon we had to wade
 across to get to the beach

There is no internet access here, the dongle doesn’t work but my phone has a very patchy signal, enough to establish that there is snow in abundance in the UK and especially in Bolton. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up with news from home at out next campsite. We are heading back to Tiznit tomorrow and then to Tafraoute for a week or so.

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  1. Chris & Mandy Lefevre

    Hi Margaret and Nigel,

    Have been following your blog with interest now we are back in Blighty and on the internet.
    We are green with envy that we couldn't stay longer and you seem to be having a fabulous time still.
    We are hoping to return next year but hopefully will catch up with you before then.
    Take care and continue enjoying yourselves.
    Mandy and Chris

  2. Thanks, Mandy and Chris. Yes we are so enjoying ourselves now! You would love Tafraoute where we are now, I am sure…. did you go there last time? Next bit of blog nearly ready but loading pics is soooooo sloooooooooowwwww!

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