Thursday 10th January 2013

After five relaxing nights, we left Camping Zebra for the coast near Agadir. We decided it was too far to do in a day so as Marrakech was about midway and we knew where the campsite was we headed back there. Annoyingly I meant to buy some olive oil at Ouzoud before we left but forgot….doh!
The road out of Ouzoud,
only just wide enough for our vehicle!

Through ever changing scenery and  over dubious road surfaces we went back to Marrakech via a very scenic route, recommended by the Dutch owners of the campsite. Twists and turns, hairpin bends, gorges and fords and two 15 ton bridges later we arrived at a main road and eventually completed our trip on a motorway…bliss!

Morocco is a country of such extremes, you can be in the back of beyond with donkeys pulling laden carts along pot holed roads, mud huts all around you and then suddenly the road surface changes as you enter a town and there are plush modern buildings, street lighting and in the particular town I am thinking of  where we joined the motorway, a spectacular fountain on a roundabout (unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough with the camera!) Not all towns are like this by any means. Often we have found that the road surface deteriorates as you enter the town, presumably because the road maintenance is left to local communities as opposed to being paid for nationally. 

So we had a quick trip to the supermarket on the way back and then I made a stupendous (though I say so myself!) fish curry and home made naan breads.
Washing day in the Ouzoud

Goat traffic jam

Thismorning we set off towards Agadir on the motorway again. It really is a nice change to be making swift progress…….we thought. However, Nigel started to feel sick at about mid day after an hour or so driving so we pulled into the next convenient service area and he had an alka zeltzer and a sleep and an immodium for another little problem any talk of which would be too much information! We set off again as he 
felt a bit better but we only made it to the next services about another 50k 
and we’re still here. He has been very poorly and is now sleeping it off. He’s had half a cup of tea and asked me to boil some eggs but he’s not eaten them yet. Can’t be the fish curry because I’m fine. Poor dogs have had to put up with a few walks around the car park today. 

A bit different today!
Here they are soaking up the ambience at Camping Zebra

Oh, they came in very useful today. As I was walking around the service station, there were a group of children pestering some people in cars and asking for money. As soon as they saw me they came over asking me for things, money, pens, chocolate. I said, “Attention, les cheins sont tres dangeureux!” (which of course, they’re not) at which point they all scarpered, squealing as they went. We expected they’d be round the motorhome begging but I think they saw me come back so they have kept a wide berth! Sounds mean but if you give them anything at all they keep pestering and won’t leave you alone. One little girl asked for chips when we were eating on the square in Marrakech. I was about to give her some when the stall holder sent her packing.

Pleasant scenery en route back to Marrakech

More stunning scenery