Simply stunning!

Thursday 13th December

Three nights in the desert: it was wonderful. The colours and light were so beautiful, the night skies stunning with many shooting stars. Activities on offer were camel rides to see the sunrise or sunset, an overnight camel trip to a Berber camp in the middle of the dunes and/or a 4 by 4 circuit of the dunes, stopping at various points of interest. We didn’t want anything to do with camels, though some of our group did. Nigel was happy with his bike riding and I took the 4 by 4 trip. As I said so much last time I updated the blog, this time I am going to let the pictures do the talking. It is hard to know which to add and which to leave out so here are a sample few to give a flavour of our desert experience.

Off road piste to the dunes
We are gonna love this!
Human and camel footprints

Camels a-plenty
But who/what made these?

Who needs a camel when you can ride one of these?