Introducing Ditto the whippet who arrived on 3rd November 2019

We had only been home from the boat in mid October for a short time when we decided to enrol on some whippet rescue sites to search for a pal for Belle. It was hard coming home to two of everything, two dog beds, two bowls etc but this was made slightly easier by the arrival on our first day home of these beautiful flowers sent by some kind friends.

A few whippets who needed new homes came up on various websites but they were either too far away or already spoken for. However on Saturday 2nd November at 9pm I was informed about a 9 month old whippet pup who had been returned to his breeder in Wrexham because one member of the family who had had him from 8 weeks old couldn’t get over an allergy to him. Very reluctantly they had to admit defeat and return him. We arranged to go and see him the next day, spent several hours in his home, walked him and Belle together and all the signs were positive. The breeder seemed to think we would be suitable to rehome him and followed us to Bolton to do a home check. Despite us wondering whether our garden fence was high enough, we passed with flying colours and Ditto is here to stay!

His name came about because he is the spitting image of his dad (who we met) even down to the half white collar markings on his neck and his chest and legs.

He’s settled in very well and now occupies the empty bed left by our dear old Dash. He is on raw food which we’re continuing with until we go away in the camper, he loves it and seems to thrive on it though some of the body parts he arrived with, either frozen or air dried do make us a bit squeamish! I won’t go into details!

He and Belle are getting along well, she tells him off in no uncertain terms when she’s had enough of his pestering but it’s all noise and bluster, no antagonism. He is quite submissive to her at times and we are pleased to see her sticking up for herself. 

He certainly gets into some weird and wonderful sleeping positions!!

His training is going well, he will sell his soul for dried liver treats so with the aid of a clicker, we have taught him to walk to heel on his lead, we are working on sit and stay in the house. We don’t want a pet that will do tricks but we do want and need basic obedience and good social behaviour around visitors and other dogs. He seems to be a quick learner and we are enjoying seeing him develop. 

From my stance of “No more dogs” just after Dash died and “Well, certainly not a puppy then” it seems once again we have surpassed ourselves!!