Where have all the teaspoons gone?

It’s just a small container that holds 5.91939047 ml and yet the mystery surrounding it intrigues me (or do I have too much time on my hands….you decide!)

What is it about these small treacherous items that makes them disappear so readily? There they sit in the drawer just waiting to be used, you counted them all in and yet ….. next time you look half of them are missing. We still have the four knives, forks and dessert spoons we started out with, the teaspoons could learn a lot about loyalty from them if only they would listen.

They claim to have no other purpose than to stir your drink or have yogurt licked from them and yet I fear they have an ulterior and suspicious motive for it seems they cannot be faithful, at least not to me.

When we started this trip in December 2013, there were just three in this motorhome…yes only three from the original six which started out on their European and Morrocan adventure just a year earlier. I find it hard to accept how ungrateful these well travelled and cosseted spoons are, some of them have been to Scotland twice, and not just any old boring bits of Scotland (sorry Mandy!) but the Outer Hebrides and Skye, France, Luxembourg, Spain and Morocco and yet three of these originals have felt the need to jump ship as it were and go who knows where on their own paths. They had their very own comfortable drawer to sleep in and were lovingly washed and dried but no, they were still unfaithful and escaped at the first opportunity.

And so, the three were supplemented by four more, slightly smaller ones before we left home last time and off we set in December with seven. Now barely six weeks later we’re down to four again. Only one can I account for. The other day I emptied my washing up bucket into an outside drain and heard the unmistakeable tinkle of one of my friends getting away, the drain was too narrow and too deep to reach into and so another one bit the dust. The others I cannot account for, they have gone the way of the first three, silently and surreptitiously. I am thinking that maybe I need to drill holes in them and wear them on a chain around my neck to stop them getting away. Any other restraining ideas would be very welcome!

Whilst looking for a suitable image for this daft post I came across this, (from which I quote, below…) seems I’m not the only one to be plagued by this phenomenon!

Somewhere in the cosmos, along with all the planets inhabited by humanoids, reptiloids, walking treeoids, and superintelligent shades of the colour blue, a planet is entirely given over to spoon life-forms. Unattended spoons make their way to this planet, slipping away through space to a world where they enjoy a uniquely spoonoid lifestyle, responding to highly spoon oriented stimuli, and generally leading the spoon equivalent of the good life.

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  1. Watch out this campsite , below the hot water tap xx

  2. Yres, Annette…I've certainly lost one here that way but only one, the others are a mystery!

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