Finally at 5pm on Saturday 29th September 2012, Liberté Too and her crew were ready for the off. Weeks of shopping, organising, stowing and deliberating were at last coming to fruition.

First problem was Belle and her nervous disposition, perched on the passenger seat in a harness and seat belt she immediately began to quiver like a jelly and salivate….how long before she would be sick on the nice new leather seats, we wondered. As it happened, as soon as we set off she settled down with her head across Dash’s back and seemed absolutely fine and comfortable…phew!

We set off up the M6 intending to spend the evening at Tebay in the company of Chris and Philippa. Once at Tebay our intended overnight stop was a no go so we parked in the Cross Keys car park where we were going to eat and asked if we could stay there overnight….yes was the answer. Had a lovely evening with Chris and Philippa, P was bubbly as ever, high on the relief of having handed in her masters dissertation the day before.

That night the weather was awful…..we were woken up about 2am by very heavy rain and the MH was shaking and wobbling, things clunking and banging something dreadful. Vey disconcerting, this continued all night, we both managed to snatch a few winks but not much. Tea and crumpets for breakfast after which there was much deliberating about whether to risk carrying on or just move a few miles up the motorway to the Tebay campsite. 

We decided to carry on, it was actually less blowy on the motorway than it was in the pub car park, and we arrived at Stow to a very warm welcome about 3.30 p.m.

Had a lovely evening with Bill and Mandy, the dogs enjoyed it too being able to have a romp in their garden. That was a superb curry, Mandy and as for the pavlova……..

A much better night’s sleep ensued and we woke to a fine, bright morning. Ferry to Barra booked for tomorrow….Oban, here we come!

Looking forward to a Hendricks and a less windy night!