On Monday 26th November we set off from Despenoperros (after the kind campsite manager drove somewhere to get us some bread and wouldn’t take the money for it) and arrived in the afternoon at the Beas de Granada campsite with wonderful views of the Sierra Nevada. Mountains….and what’s more, with snow on them! Terrific!

View from the campsite at Beas de Granada

Nigel explored on his bike and I set off downhill into town with the dogs and my back pack to do some shopping, only to find the supermarket didn’t open till 5pm. Not got used to this yet! Anyway, it didn’t really matter as there was nothing we really needed and it was a walk.
Back at the ‘van we discussed the next couple of days. Tomorrow afternoon we will go into Granada for a general look round and return on the bus. Meanwhile we will get the campsite to organise Alhambra tickets for us for Wednesday. 

It’s not fair, we never go anywhere!

We enjoyed our walk around Granada, especially the old town which had narrow alleyways with shops overloaded with Moroccan goods….fascinating the array of “goodies” and very persuasive shopkeepers. Nigel bought a thick zip up cardigan which started off at 35€ and was soon reduced 30€ “just for you”. I think we need to practise our bartering skills, could probably have got it for even less! 

Promise of things to come!

We then set off to walk to the Alhambra to get our tickets for tomorrow to avoid having to be there so early but we saw a bus and jumped on that and were really glad we did as it was a long way and up a very steep hill. Tickets printed, we went back down into town (again by bus) and went to find something to eat. After a pizza each, we visited the cathedral and then made our way back to the bus stop for the return trip to the campsite. Fortunately, we eventually found a supermercado and were able to stock up on a few essentials. 
The dogs survived their long afternoon and were glad to see us and even more glad to get their meal! Nigel had taken them for a long walk before we went, they still seemed quite satisfied with that, thankfully. Late in the evening it started to rain and this then turned to snow.
Wednesday morning we were up early to go to the Alhambra. Having seen the route to get there from town we decided it would be best to get a taxi straight there.

Court of the Myrtles
Granada through a decorated archway

What a truly fantastic place. The decoration in the Nasrid palaces has to be seen to be believed, photographs do not do it justice. I cannot imagine what life must have been like during its heyday. We were both enthralled by the complexity of it all. It was cold and didn’t really warm up till we were leaving at 2pm but it did not spoil our enjoyment and wonder. It must be even more amazing in the summer with all the gardens in full bloom. There were many many staff in evidence who must work very hard to keep it all in good order. The audioguides were useful again but with loads more information than it was possible to take in.
Our taxi collected us at 1.45, we had stunning views of the Sierra Nevada on the way back.  Again the dogs were pleased to see us and they got another long walk this afternoon. We’re trying the campsite restaurant tonight…..hope it’s good. Tomorrow we hope to make it to the Sierra Nevada Aire at over 2000 metres, weather permitting.

And this time next week we really will be in Morocco!