Today we arrived at a campsite near Malaga where we are to meet the tour leaders and other clients who are taking dogs with them to Morocco. We need to visit a vet tomorrow to get a health check for them. Then we will do final bits of shopping and fill up with LPG before making our way to Algeciras Monday and catching the ferry on Tuesday morning.

Yesterday we took the motorhome up to 2,407 metres to the ski resort at Sierra Nevada. The road wound up and up and soon we were above the snowline but the road was clear all the way until the last 50 metres into the aire where we had hoped to spend the night.

Someone else had made it up there
but they must have gone up the
day before, prior to the last snowfall!

We stayed on the main road……..decided not to stop up there anyway as we had a deadline to get to Malaga today and we didn’t want to risk getting snowed in.
Safer down here!

So after a sit in the sunshine reading and watching the skiiers and snowboarders, we set off downhill again and headed off to another campsite nearer Malaga but inland.

Enjoying the sunshine and pure air

Thismorning we had a miserable wet journey with poor road surfaces but eventually arrived at Malaga Monte Parc where after some lunch we set to with the washing machine again as the afternoon brightened up. 

So we are very close now to the proper start of our Moroccan adventure. Wonder if I’ll be able to fit one of these in my hand luggage for Drew when I fly home for New Year?

Sheesh anyone?